We deliver AQUA SUPS  Standup Paddle Boards directly to your Yacht, Villa or Hotel for your convenience.

When your finished we will come and collect it, Hassle free!

Standup Paddle boarding has become one of the most popular water-sports activities in the world over the last few years, proving extremely popular with kids and adults when charting a yacht on holiday or exploring the stunning coastline Lefkada and the surrounding area has to offer!

Keep you & the kids entertained when anchored up after a days sailing, allowing you to jump on and explore secluded beaches and hidden bays in the beautiful Ionian.

AQUA SUPS rentals


Booked a Villa or Apartment in Lefkas?

We can supply you a SUP any time during your holiday too!

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GoingGreece Is Greg Patrikios, and with years of experience traveling throughout Greece, He'll provide you with the very best insights on where to go, how to get there and what to do!

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Lefkada Holiday Planner is an innovative company whose goal is to offer a unique and authentic holiday experience on the beautiful island of Lefkada. Lefkada Holiday Planner was born through the personal experience of the Founder and Managing Director of the company, Nicholas Goumas.

Palairos Vacations




"Our goal is the complete coverage of all services with a thorough quality management for our customers in the touristic sectors of gastronomy, accommodation and last but not least the entertainment sector.
An important role within our philosophy is strengthening the area of Palairos as touristic destination within the Ionian region as it is still is a virgin and unspoilt place."

Offering Great Food at Dionysos Restaurant, Fantastic Accomodation in Village & Marina Appartments & Welcoming Hospitality in Café-Cocktail Bar “Why Not ?”

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Lefkada Luxury is a recently formulated Property management company with a specialty in the luxury industry, a family business with more than 20 years of experience in the hotel & traveling sectors.

Equipped with more than 2 decades of experience in the hospitality industry, Lefkada Luxury aims to become established as the most successful luxury villa provider & management agency in Lefkada & beyond.

The property portfolio of the company already includes some of the finest properties of the island  handpicked in order to provide true authentic Greek Luxury experience.



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